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Windows Azure IaaS Supported OS versions

Supported OS versions on Windows Azure IaaS Recently I was starting to do a POC for migrating to Windows Azure for a customer and I gathered they still were on Windows Server 2003. Of course, the way out is to … Continue reading

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Performance and Load testing Using Azure Virtual Machines

There isn’t much that scares the developers, but I know testing makes that short list for sure. Today, if I were to ask you to web test or load test your application, the thought itself would make you to start … Continue reading

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Shared Access – Azure Table storage

The Windows Azure storage SDK 1.7 release has come out with a host of new features and one of the key features is the ability to issue Shared Access Signatures on the Table storage (as well as Queue storage). If … Continue reading

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The Windows Azure Billing FAQ:

How does the Windows Azure billing work? You develop and test your applications/ service(s). Be it a windows forms or WPF app consuming services or be it an application, you end up hosting it somewhere. Even if you application … Continue reading

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