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Tagging Azure Resources

The Azure Resource manager model allows you to logically organize resources within a subscription. Read on to understand how tagging Azure Resources works. To help you manage your instances, images, and other Azure resources, you can assign your own metadata … Continue reading

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Understanding Azure Subscription

Download the eBook here. One of the first questions that I get from customers who are serious about Microsoft Azure Cloud offering is “Where do I start?”, “What is an Azure subscription?” When you swipe your credit card or buy … Continue reading

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Windows azure caching 101

In Windows Azure there are three options for caching- Shared Cache Service, In-role caching and Azure Cache Service: “Shared Caching Service”, this was caching on a shared cluster and one could access the cache using the secret key. This is … Continue reading

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Our setup of HortonWorks HDP 1.1 on Windows VMs

  Many of our customers have started talking about Big Data, and how they can best make sense of the data they have collected over many years. Apache Hadoop is one among the tools we suggest to them. Being Windows … Continue reading

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