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The Rise of SaaS

The Information Technology world has seen many revolutions- the early calculators, telephones, printers, scanners, fax machines, the MAC, the PC and so on. And each advancement in the process of evolution did depend on work/knowledge from previous inventions. There are … Continue reading

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Learning Windows Azure: Where to start?

You cannot start learning about Windows Azure without having a high level overview or the big picture about Cloud Computing in general. Start here “Cloud Computing: The Big Picture” by David Chappell. David Chappell is one of the best articulators … Continue reading

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Azure Service Bus – Topics (Using the CloudFx Framework)

Today, I am going to introduce working with Azure Service Bus Topics using the CloudFx Framework published by Microsoft which makes building enterprise class, truly scalable applications much simpler over the existing Azure infrastructure. If you are serious on Azure, … Continue reading

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Shared Access – Azure Table storage

The Windows Azure storage SDK 1.7 release has come out with a host of new features and one of the key features is the ability to issue Shared Access Signatures on the Table storage (as well as Queue storage). If … Continue reading

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