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New SQL Server deployment options in Azure Portal

I am super excited about blogging about the new SQL Server deployment options in Microsoft Azure portal. A recent addition to the portal (3rd week of January 2016). When you configure a SQL Server virtual machine from marketplace in Azure, you … Continue reading

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Understanding Azure Subscription

Download the eBook here. One of the first questions that I get from customers who are serious about Microsoft Azure Cloud offering is “Where do I start?”, “What is an Azure subscription?” When you swipe your credit card or buy … Continue reading

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Vocabulary of the New Azure Preview Portal

The New Azure Preview Portal. The user experience for the new azure preview portal ( is quite different than the current management portal ( I am no UX expert by any stretch but I wanted to introduce the vocabulary for … Continue reading

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Microsoft Azure RBAC- Part 2

On 2/20/2015 Microsoft announced release of additional set of role based access controls. In my previous blog post we talked about RBAC concepts. In this blog post I wanted to highlight the importance of these new roles. You can see … Continue reading

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